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Y-type Polymaths

Y-type Polymaths

In the Fourth Industrial Revolution era, the knowledge and technology will evolve quickly,
we will nurture creative and innovative talent who coexist with AI and lead future changes.

Y-type Polymaths"Creative and innovative talent who break down boundaries and connect and combine knowledge and experience"

Y-type Polymaths
  • [Publicity] Altruistic Collaborative Competency
  • [Creativity] Convergent Creativity Competency
  • [Initiative] Global Initiative Competency
  • [Personality] Harmonious Personality Competency
  • [Expertise] Practical Expertise Competency

Y-type Talent Brand of Yeungnam University

Slogan: Y-type Talent Brand

  • It comes from the English word ‘Yield,’which means to create and produce, while also expressing the ‘Y‘ of Yeungnam University.
  • It symbolizes Chunma-in (the members of Yeungnam University), who cheer for the world and the future with open arms.
  • It symbolizes a strategy of nurturing talent with the evolved educational values and philosophies of Yeungnam University.

5 Core Competencies

5 Core Competencies table
Core Competency Definition Sub-competencies Nurturing Strategies


Altruistic Collaborative Competency
  • Ability to communicate and cooperate with others based on empathy for humans, a sense of community, and empathetic thinking in order to achieve common goals
  • Social responsibility
  • Empathy and communication
  • Global citizenship
  • Cultivating a sense of community through team-building education
  • Strengthening citizenship through education in volunteer work, service learning, and the social contribution
  • Strengthening collaboration skills through education in interpersonal relations and communication


Convergent Creativity Competency
  • Ability to create new ideas and apply them to problem-solving by acquiring, analyzing, processing, and converging various knowledge
  • Originality
  • Cogitation
  • Convergence competency
  • Expanding multi-disciplinary and trans-boundary convergence education and multi-major/learning options
  • Strengthening problem-solving learning and education to enhance creativity and thinking skills
  • Strengthening personal initiative through various student-designed majors and extracurricular education


Global Initiative Competency
  • Ability to boldly innovate new fields and demonstrate global understanding, such as open acceptance of other cultures and communication ability in foreign languages
  • Proactiveness
  • International comportment
  • Leadership
  • Enhancing language education with learning level and studies (major)
  • Strengthening exchange and cooperation with foreign universities, such as offering multiple degrees and facilitating student exchanges
  • Strengthening global literacy and multicultural education, discussion, and cooperative learning


Harmonious Personality Competency
  • Ability to have inner development through introspection and self-management and positively influence one’s surroundings with dignified thought and behavior
  • Introspection
  • Consideration
  • Sincerity
  • Strengthening humanities-based ethics and character development and reading education
  • Strengthening communication skills through discussion, writing, and seminar-based education
  • Strengthening counseling support and cultural education to promote understanding of university life


Practical Expertise Competency
  • Confidence in one’s major and field-friendly expertise that meets social needs in the Fourth Industrial Revolution era
  • Professional development
  • Learning strategies
  • Information utilization skills
  • Strengthening basic education and establishing a standard curriculum structure for each major
  • Strengthening practical, problem-solving, and project-type education based on societal demand
  • Reinforcing field training, internships, capstone design, employment, and career competency education

History of the Y-type Talent Brand

History of the Y-type Talent Brand table
Y-type Talent 1.0 Y-type Talent 2.0 Y-type Talent 4.0 Y-type Polymaths
In 2009 In 2012 In 2017 In 2021
Creative and progressive talent needed by our knowledge-based society재 Talent who lead a knowledge-based society and globalization Inclusive talent who will shape future society in a beneficial way Creative and innovative talents who break down boundaries and connect and integrate knowledge and experience in the Fourth Industrial Revolution Era
Branded for the first time for 21st-century talent Specified four core competencies and strategies for nurturing human resources Extend one’s viewpoint to the community by adding Publicity to core competencies) Enhanced connection and consilience between core competencies and advanced the trans-disciplinary education platform