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Regional Innovation Center of Wireless Media


The Regional Innovation Center(RIC) of Wireless Media was started the part of Wireless Multi Media System Technology. 
It starts from December 1st of 2004 to June 30th of 2014 for 10 years with 13 billion won of financial support from Central and Local government including non governmental company. 
The center activities are oriented for performance analysis and evaluation Ubquitous system and advanced communication system for wireless applications. The RIC set up an industry-University research institute cooperative systems to provide support to technology foundation and technology innovation for IT industry cluster at Daegu-Gyeongbuk. A strong regional base provides opportunities for ideas and products to springboard beyond the region.

Introduction of The Regional Innovation Center(RIC) of Wireless MediaThis table shows the introduction of The Regional Innovation Center(RIC) of Wireless Media which is project, managed, Chief, participating institution, project period, and budget.
Project RIC of Wireless Multimedia System Technology
Managed Yeungnam University, Korea
Chief Prof. Yongwan Park, Electrical Engineering
Participating Institution Gyeongsangbuk-do, Gyeongsan-si, Daegu-si, Gumi-si, Chilgok-gun, Kyongbuk Technopark, SK Telecom Co., Ltd
Project Period December. 1, 2004 ~ February. 28, 2014
(result utilization : March. 1, 2014 ~ February. 28, 2019)
Budget 13 billion won of financial support form Central and Local Government including non governmental company


Technology Innovation Center


  • General Planning Committee
  • Consultative Committee
  • Steering Committee
  • Equipment Committee
  • Equipment Utilization
  • Joint Research
  • Educational Training
  • Incubation


Our mission is to unite the community and draw together regional business, academic researchers and government agencies in a common cause of industry development through the enhancement of managerial excellence and industry innovation. We will be engaged with local industry and business enterprises to enhance growth and development of the region’s economy by :

facilitating the growth and development of new and established business ventures and industries; and driving innovation and managerial excellence within new and established industries within the region.

Major Business


  • Instrument Use

    • Investigating the number of necessary supporting instrument
    • Facilitation for R&D
    • Cooperative use of instrument
  • Development and Research

    • Deriving focalized technology development
    • Research assignment
    • Cooperative study to solve the bottleneck technology
  • Educational Training

    • Investigating on learners’ needs
    • Systematized curriculum application based on the
      needs of industries
    • Re-training for human resources
  • Instrument Use

    • Supporting analysis and evaluation on new Business item’s
      validity and reliability
    • Supporting new technology investigation
      and business-launch
  • Technology Transferring
  • Developed Technology
  • Net-working
  • Marketing
Organizing Local Innovative System Strengthening Industrial Educational CooperationOrganizing Local Innovative System Strengthening Industrial Educational Cooperation
Organizing Local Innovative System
Strengthening Industrial Educational Cooperation
  • Academy
  • Industry
  • Institute
  • Government

Revitalizing Local Economy & 
Strengthening National Competitive Power

Design and Implementation of Industry, education research for core technology of Wireless multimedia convergence system and Company standard lead, encouraging of core researcher and developer by reinforcing innovation capacity and ensuring the growth potential of the region. One-Stop service for commercializing the high-tech wireless multimedia convergence system (High price equipment, Core technology and researcher, Evaluation of goods quality and supporting business incubator, Marketing). 
High-technology Leadership, implementation of new concept product, Large manufacturing area by Wireless multimedia convergence system for promotion of world wide technology innovation cluster. 
Encouraging Regional industry and reinforcing national competitiveness of wireless multimedia system.

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