College of Global Leaders


The College of Global Leaders consists of two schools and three departments: Department of Chinese Language & Culture, Department of Saemaul Studies and International Development, School of Global Education (Korean Education for Speakers of Other Languages Major), Department of Global Business, and School of Global Interpretation and Translation (English Interpretation and Translation Major & Applied Chinese-Korean Interpretation And Translation Major). Within these departments and schools, a dedicated faculty of over 30 members offers professional and comprehensive education, aimed at fostering global literacy, effective communication, collaboration, and practical global skills.)

Furthermore, the College of Global Leaders has established a global educational environment by leveraging its extensive network spanning approximately 60 countries. This environment includes diverse international exchange programs and social contribution initiatives involving international students. These programs create a platform for students to showcase their academic knowledge on the international stage.

The College of Global Leaders is committed to nurturing students into influential figures of the new era who actively contribute to the international community within this global educational context. We wholeheartedly support students in pursuing and achieving their dreams and aspirations.